“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

Dalai Lama

Flawless travel plans lie in the details

Travel agents are experts when it comes to handling details and we create fantastic holidays; that’s our job.

We know you can get accommodation specials online but many hotel search sites repackage accommodation information based on their assumptions of what people want in holiday accommodation, which is not always what you want to see. Booking holiday accommodation can be an extremely stressful undertaking. You can spend hours online doing a hotel search, bouncing from one website to another searching for the best hotel deals in the right locations. There are simply too many accommodation options available.

We can organise your perfect luxury, romantic, family, group or honeymoon holiday accommodation. Booking through our travel agency will save hours of research. You can read all the hotel and resort reviews on the Internet but will you really be happy at an all-inclusive resort? What kind of room do you really want and what have you booked? It could be a pretty picture, but what if there’s construction going on? What if it’s in a bad neighbourhood or miles from public transport? The answers aren’t always readily available on the internet.

We ask questions, find options. As travel agents we have the kind of background knowledge you need. We also have access to the best hotel deals, upgrades, luxury hotels, villas and resort packages. From luxury London hotel deals to discount hotels in Tokyo and accommodation offers in between, we can book your next hotel reservation for you.

Accommodation where value beats price

We know of good value accommodation for everybody: boutique hotels, luxury lodges, resorts, villas, motels, group accommodation, holiday homes and bed and breakfasts in some of the most breathtaking, exciting and restful parts of the planet. Talk to us about where you want to stay on your next holiday or check out our accommodation deals below. We update them regularly.

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We’re the travel agents Auckland calls for great accommodation specials worldwide!