Tour Europe

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J R R Tolkein

European destinations – with about fifty countries that speak over two hundred languages planning can be daunting.

Europe is amazing. London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Europe is home to some of the world’s greatest cities. Europe encompasses everything that is old and new: culture, history, shopping, nightlife, mouthwatering food and picture-perfect villages. Mountains, beaches, islands, forests and spectacular fjords alongside art, museums and architecture shaped by more than 2000 years of human civilisation; there’s absolutely nothing you cannot find in Europe. You may be able to book a cheaper holiday, but nothing can compare to the variety and fascinating sights of Europe.

But before you can experience the famous European destinations: The Eiffel Tower at night, tapas in San Sebastian, the colosseum in Rome, the beer in Belgium or rooftop terraces in Prague, the all-important European itinerary stands between you and your European vacation. And believe us when we say the more prepared you are, the greater are your chances of a successful trip to Europe.


Our Euro Trip Expert specialises in simple, stress-free travel planning. 

No matter which European destinations you choose to visit, we can help you put your trip together.

Like most of us travelling from the other side of the world, you probably have a gigantic list of places on your Europe tour. We understand how precious holiday time is, but we recommend you not jam in too much when you travel Europe. Limit the number of places on your must-see list and we’ll plan your holiday around those.

We’ll look at weather, popularity and seasonal events to make sure you’re going at the right time of year for you. You’ll have enough time in each European destination to see the main sights but also time to just soak it all in. One of the joys of travel is finding hidden gems. Europe is full of them so we’ll leave plenty of room for the unexpected in your trip. We’ll make sure your precious time is not wasted getting from place to place. You won’t have to stress about train schedules or try to figure out airport distances. You won’t spend vacation time wandering around trying to find a decent hotel. Book through World Travel and all your research will be done for you; you’ll be prepared for the European holiday of a lifetime!

“Oh the places you will go ……”

Dr. Suess