Cruise Caribbean

“The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails.”

Joshua Slocum

The Caribbean is the ultimate place for a relaxed cruising holiday 

Cruising is a great holiday option for families, groups of friends, seniors and singles alike thanks to all inclusive cruises and itineraries that allow travellers to visit multiple destinations in a single holiday.

With over 7,000 Caribbean islands, you’ll find white sands and turquoise water, lush forests, mountains, deserts, coral beaches, great temperatures and plenty of sun; an island for every taste. But how do you know what cruise line offers the best Caribbean cruise experience for you? We can help. Whether it’s about the family, the shore excursions or the five-star treatment, we can find a cruise that fits your vacation style.

There are more than 30 cruise lines sailing the Caribbean islands; the choice of cruise ship is as varied as the islands they visit. There are big cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney and Princess through to the smaller luxury ships. Each cruise ship provides a very different style of holiday, which has a real advantage for cruisers, as long as you know which line suits you. Luckily, we do.

Cruises to the Caribbean, where, when and how long?

The Western Caribbean has a wonderful blend of sun, surf, history and eco-oriented adventures. You’ll visit islands such as Grand Cayman, Jamaica or Costa Maya, Cozumel and Progreso on Mexico’s Caribbean coast or Belize and Honduras. The best cruises for  kayaking, climbing waterfalls, scuba diving and close encounters with dolphins and stingrays or visiting Mayan ruins.

The Eastern Caribbean region encompasses the British and American Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Martin and the Bahamas. Eastern Caribbean trips range from weekend, three- or four-night breaks to 10 nights and more.

Southern Caribbean cruises include the Caribbean islands with distinct geographic and cultural links. Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Barth’s are part of the Republic of France; Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire are part of the Netherlands; Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda retain a British colonial legacy and Trinidad and Tobago exudes Latin flair.

Most Caribbean cruises start from Florida, but if you prefer, you can join a sailing from a Caribbean port such as Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba or Puerto Rico, giving you more time in the area. You also have the option of cruising from some East Coast ports such as New York City or Charleston and during spring and autumn you can even cruise to or from Europe.

“Oh the places you will go ……”

Dr. Suess