European Cruises

 “People don’t take trips – trips take people.”

John Steinbeck

Unpack once and journey from one remarkable port to another

Europe: glorious history, fabled cities and spellbinding beauty. Cruising is an exceptional way to see it. European Cruises let you experience some of the most fascinating places in the world in comfort, style and calm while providing great value for money. There’s no easier way to make the most of your precious European holiday time.


Wake up to a new city – explore the sights, sounds and flavors

Cruising the Western Mediterranean will take you to Spain, Monaco and Italy: perfect for soaking up art and culture, surf and sand, great food and boutique shopping. Cruise the Eastern Mediterranean and you’ll visit Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. You’ll experience ancient histories and antiquities, see where great civilizations were born and be captivated by the timeless beauty of the beaches, islands and villages. A Baltic Sea cruise will take in Scandinavia and Russia; you’ll be awed by Norwegian Fjords, the art, the culture and the history. And don’t forget about British Isles cruises which allow you to visit legendary ruins and storybook castles in England and Scotland.

So where do you want to start? Your biggest difficulty planning a European cruise is narrowing down where, when and how you want to go. As specialists in European cruises, you’ll have our experience, knowledge and expertise at your disposal. We ask a lot of questions and give you a lot of options. Seasonal timing is important in choosing the right trip for you and we can help. We find out about every European port so we can help you decide when to go out exploring on your own and when to stick to shore tours. We make sure you get to sample the cultures, sights and savour the local cuisine the best way you can.

Combine spectacular onboard ship entertainment, gorgeous spa services,  no set dining times, no unpacking, no lugging bags about with the local culture and flavours of Europe and you’re bound for a good time. Go where old and new meet. Where else can you get the latest fashions and explore ancient ruins? Be dazzled by its landscapes, villages, cathedrals, cities, traditions and mouthwatering delicacies.

“Oh the places you will go ……”

Dr. Suess