Small Ship Cruises

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.”

Alaine Gerbault

Small Ship Cruises for intriguing itineraries

Small ship cruises take you to the world’s most adventurous and enticing destinations. They offer the ultimate in personalised exploration while you enjoy comfort at every turn. Discover the excitement of exploring secluded harbours where others cannot go.

Get up close and personal. Big cruise ships just can’t  get into the smaller ports, remote islands and narrow fjords. Smaller ships can sail up narrow waterways into the heart of a city, or tie up right at the pier while others must anchor off shore. You can see the land and wildlife and really experience the culture and the people. You won’t be confined to just the tourist areas.


Explore the world’s greatest destinations aboard your stylish, luxurious floating hotel

Small cruise ships may carry as few as 30 passengers, or as many as 350, and offer the highest standard of accommodation, guiding, dining, service and on board camaraderie. Cruise holidays on small ships tend to be select and relatively intimate. They can be more like a floating lodge where it is easier to get to know your fellow cruisers and crew members address you by name.

Whether you wish to cruise the Mediterranean, glide through Norway’s fjords or sail around the islands of Southeast Asia or the Pacific, a small ship cruise guarantees a truly special, unforgettable experience.

Small ship cruise holidays are ideal for discerning travellers who enjoy an intimate experience with like-minded individuals. There are more small luxury ships and boutique cruise lines to choose from than ever before and they range from ultra-luxury to lower cost cruises.

No matter which cruising style you choose, we’ll help you set sail on a stylish voyage of discovery. We will help you filter through all the choices to find a ship that suits you best. Take advantage of our first-hand knowledge of cruise lines; we know how to arrange memorable cruise holidays.

“Oh the places you will go ……”

Dr. Suess